How to make money in the Oldcastle city infrastructure boom

Businesses and individuals are looking for ways to make a quick buck when the Old Castle project is completed.

Businesses in the city and surrounding region have been selling off property, but the property they are selling is mostly vacant.

A handful of businesses have opened up for sale, but many have been left with little or no money.

In Oldcastle, the problem is exacerbated by a shortage of parking spaces.

It is the perfect location for a developer to build out a parking garage or parking lot, but it is also an ideal location for businesses and residents to park their vehicles.

The parking garage, known as the Old City Garage, is expected to open by 2021, making it the second-largest parking garage in the country.

However, it is still a long way off.

“It is a very high demand situation, especially for parking,” said Robert R. Hall, president of the Greater Oldcastle Chamber of Commerce.

Hall says the city has received about 300 applications for the parking garage.

When he opened the OldCity Garage, he was expecting to see at least 10 people per day parking in the garage.

“It’s a great opportunity to get out and see what’s happening, to see what the locals are doing, to connect with the community,” Hall said.

But it has become a full-on parking frenzy.

Many residents have been turning to parking lots in the parking garages to make ends meet. 

The city has already spent about $500,000 on the parking lots.

People who have already paid rent and utilities for years are now trying to put some of that money toward their next lease.

Residents are selling off old cars, which have become an essential part of their daily life.

They are also selling up to 100 vehicles a month, which is more than the city can afford.

“There is a lot of activity,” Hall told WVIR.

“There are people that are just wanting to make the best of their lives, that are not paying rent and don’t have enough money to pay rent.”

The city plans to build a new garage next year, and it has been planning to add more parking for several years. 

Hall said the city is planning to charge a 1.5 percent sales tax to help fund the project.

What you need to know about the Old-Town Casino expansion:The city says it will have more than 50 parking spaces for the first few months of operation.

And in the interim, the city will sell off lots to pay for the new parking.

At this point, the parking lot is in good condition, but there are still lots of empty lots in Oldcastle.

Some residents are planning to take advantage of the empty lots to buy a home, but others are concerned that the parking will be a huge burden.

For the time being, the Oldtown Casino is hoping to open at least a dozen more parking garrets over the next few years.

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