How to help the NHS with its Brexit plans

Government plans to cut staff in hospitals and nursing homes after Brexit are proving so unpopular that the Government has already started moving to reduce its budget.

The Government is also considering closing a number of hospitals and the NHS is planning to close a number, as part of its plans to secure funding for the NHS.

But as Brexit negotiations have progressed, some Conservative MPs have begun voicing concerns about how many hospitals will be closed.

The Liberal Democrats, which are pushing for a “soft Brexit”, are also pushing to close hospitals, saying it would cut the Government’s funding.

The Prime Minister is due to meet senior figures from the NHS in Downing Street later today to discuss the Government plans.

Mr Corbyn said that the plan to close the NHS was a “big mistake” and said it would “cost us hundreds of millions of pounds” in lost tax revenue.

He said the Government would have to make a “massive sacrifice” in its plans for Brexit, including the closure of NHS hospitals.

Mr Blair said he was confident that the Conservative Party would not support Brexit, and he also called for the Government to come clean on how many NHS hospitals it will close.

The Health Secretary said that although the Government was planning to cut its budget, it had not yet decided on its future in the health service.

The plan to shut hospitals comes after the Government decided to scrap the NHS’s Care Quality Commission, which had been due to be replaced by a new regulator, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Cameron’s government has faced widespread criticism for the delays in the coronovirus pandemics.

Labour MP for Haringey North, Chris Bryant, said he had concerns about the Conservatives plan to slash funding for hospitals.

He told the BBC: “It is a big mistake.

It is a massive mistake, it’s going to cost us hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds.”

It’s the wrong decision and I think it’s a mistake on the NHS as well.

“We want the NHS to be run by a regulator, we don’t want to see hospitals being shut down.”

Mr Bryant said that while the Government had “absolutely no plans” to close any hospitals, he believed it was “quite clear” that it would close “a number of them”.

He said: “I think that it is quite clear the Conservative government will not support that in the NHS.”

Mr Corbyn later called for Labour MPs to call for a vote on the Government plan to cut spending in Parliament to save the NHS after it emerged that it will cut £7.6bn from the health budget.

He added: “The NHS has got to be saved from its own disastrous failure and I do not believe that Labour is going to stand up for it.”

The Government should be prepared to provide the NHS and the country with the resources it needs to save it.

“In a bid to reassure Conservative MPs, Mr Cameron said the NHS would not be affected by the Government cuts.

The Tory Government said that it planned to “support the Government in its transition to Brexit”.

Mr Cameron also said that Labour would be “unwilling to accept” cuts to the NHS budget.

Earlier this week, Labour MPs urged the Government not to close all NHS hospitals, which they said would cost the NHS £70 million a day.

A letter from the Labour MPs said: “The health service, as the lifeblood of our nation, cannot be closed as part the Government is planning cuts to frontline staff. 

“We will not accept this and Labour will not allow this to happen.”

The letter was signed by seven Labour MPs and Mr Corbyn said he did not want Labour MPs voting to shut down hospitals.

The NHS’s chief executive, Simon Stevens, said that hospitals were being “saved” from the Government.

He tweeted:  “It’s not a mistake to cut the NHS, and it’s not about closures.”

He said that as the Government continues to slash the budget for the health sector, it would be important to keep the NHS open, despite the cuts.

Labour’s health spokesman, Andy Burnham, said: “This is about making sure we have the funding we need for our NHS and we’ll be calling on Labour MPs in Parliament for that.”

Labour has previously promised to “keep our NHS open”.

Labour’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has previously pledged to “put our NHS back on a strong footing” after Brexit.

He also said the Conservatives were “going to do something about NHS staffing” and that Labour’s plan to end the Care Quality Authority would mean that “a lot of nurses and doctors will be working for the Tories”.

He also promised to reverse cuts to nurses’ wages and support for home care.

He had previously said:

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