How to define ‘green infrastructure’ in India

The term ‘green’ is a bit of a misnomer.

For the most part, it describes an infrastructure that is either clean, green or environmentally friendly.

India is no exception, with a number of initiatives designed to address environmental, social and economic issues, such as the clean water programme, clean energy projects and renewable energy.

It also includes some projects which may be termed as green infrastructure.

In addition, there are some initiatives aimed at providing financial assistance to local people, such the water scheme and the solar power project, as well as environmental improvements.

In the case of infrastructure, the most common term for this category is green, although a few countries are trying to change that, such Brazil and India.

However, a green infrastructure is not a blanket term, it is more of a series of activities.

So, while some countries are doing green infrastructure, others are not.

For example, in Brazil, the term green infrastructure covers a variety of activities, ranging from the construction of new public spaces, to urban improvement projects, to upgrading existing infrastructure.

Here is a look at some of the green infrastructure projects that are taking place across India.

Green infrastructure is an inclusive term that aims to provide a positive outlook to the people of the country.

It does not include any specific projects or activities.

It is meant to show that the government has taken action in the name of creating a better environment for the country and to make the country more resilient in the face of climate change and other disasters.

The aim is to make people aware of the benefits of doing things in a way that is conducive to the wellbeing of the citizens.

It can be an effective way to get people involved in the economy, which is crucial for the economy to thrive.

There are various types of green infrastructure in India.

In the case to clean water, there is a green project called Panchavaram Dam.

This dam, which has been built in the north of the state of Bihar, is the largest in the country with a capacity of 6.2 million cubic metres per day (mcmpd).

It is the world’s second-largest dam.

It was built with funds from the Indian government.

The project also aims to clean up a few waterways, including the Ganges.

The other project in the category is the development of a new railway in the state’s northern border region, called the Ganga-Girnar Corridor.

This is a rail line linking Kanyakumari and Patna.

This project has already been started and will be completed by 2022.

The railway will be connected with a new highway in the State of West Bengal, which will be built with public funds.

It is not clear what the scope of the project will be.

However this railway line has been a key part of the development and development of Kanyaka, a city of around 500,000 people.

The rail line will be the main artery for the Gange River, which feeds into the river.

The last project in this category, is a scheme to upgrade the power grid.

This has been implemented by the State Government in Jharkhand, which includes several districts in the region.

The power grid has been in a state of disrepair for decades.

It needs major overhaul and is currently undergoing major overhaul.

This programme aims to address some of these problems and to create an environmentally friendly and green electricity system.

The second term of green is ‘energy efficiency’.

This term is used to describe an improvement in the energy efficiency of a building, such an electrical system or infrastructure.

It usually involves the construction and improvement of efficiency measures.

Energy efficiency is the idea that energy consumption is reduced by the use of less energy.

This may be done through better lighting, ventilation, cooling, or other measures.

The term is not limited to energy efficiency alone.

This term can be used for projects that focus on other aspects of the energy system, such a waste management, waste management technology, or energy efficiency, or for other initiatives, such those aimed at improving the environmental aspects of a project.

For example, the State government in Gujarat is building an electrified railway, which aims to increase the frequency of trains, reduce pollution, improve safety and reduce the carbon footprint of the railway.

The train will be running at a lower speed and at a reduced speed in the evening, and during the day it will run at a higher speed and on a longer route.

The trains will also have different classes, such that the class with higher number of passengers can travel farther, and the class at lower number of people will travel closer to home.

The electrified train will have a capacity to carry 1,500 passengers and the capacity to operate for 40 years.

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