Why are Macquarie Infrastructure Fund managers leaving the company?

DevOps Infrastructure Fund (DIFC) managers have been leaving the Australian Investment Bank (AIB) for the last three years.

DIFC managers are leaving for private equity firms that have been actively involved in the financial sector.

The bank is expected to make a decision in the coming months on whether to continue to work with the bank on its financial projects.

The DIFC’s CEO John Hird said the bank was not looking to close its doors, but was looking to do its own thing.

“We are not looking at any exit options, we are looking at what we need to do,” he said.

“We will continue to be an investment bank.”

What you need to know about the AIB’s new social infrastructure fund: DIFC management are leaving the bank to work on the AIC’s new infrastructure fund, which was announced in May this year.

The fund is designed to provide support to Australian government departments and private companies.

“There are several factors at play in the way the AIS is structured that are likely to impact on the funding of the fund,” the DIFC said in a statement.

“The fund has a long-term commitment to a variety of infrastructure projects across Australia, and it is vital that the fund be properly managed in the long term.”

The DIFL is one of two public sector investment banks that operate the Australian Infrastructure Fund.

The other is the Australian Industry Group, which is a separate fund that provides support to private businesses and government.

The AIC was established in 2006.

AIB managing director Michael Glynn said the AIF was designed to ensure the fund was properly managed for the long-run.

“This is not a retirement fund,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“It is a public sector infrastructure fund.”

The AIB has not made a formal announcement on whether it will continue with the fund.

Mr Glynn also said the fund would not need to have the same regulatory structure as other investment banks.

“These investments are managed by the AIT, not the AIM,” he added.

“So that means the fund will have different rules.”

DIFC managing director John Hirdson said the decision to close the bank’s Australian Infrastructure fund was “disappointing”.

“The DIFC has a clear mission and vision to invest in Australia and it’s a real positive that the Australian Government is supporting this fund,” Mr Hirdsons said.

He said the DIFL’s focus would be on supporting the private sector and helping the government meet its obligations.

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