How to charge your EV in Canada

The Canada Revenue Agency is launching a pilot program that will allow residents of some Ontario communities to charge their EVs for local road use and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The Ontario Public Service Commission will provide $3 million over five years to build and equip an EV charging infrastructure in three Ontario cities.

The initiative will cover the charging infrastructure at a number of stations, including some in Toronto and Hamilton, and will allow customers to charge an EV in public spaces.

Ontario’s Public Utilities Board will provide the funding, which will be used to build charging stations, expand charging stations in Hamilton, increase the number of EV charging stations throughout the province, and purchase electric vehicles.

The Public Utilities Commission, which regulates the province’s electricity markets, said the charging stations will provide charging infrastructure for local residents.

“Charging infrastructure provides a reliable and easy way for people to charge EVs at home and in public places without having to go to a charger,” Ontario Public Utilities Commissioner David Tecklenburg said in a statement.

“With a $3-million commitment, the province is setting a strong example for other provinces, and we look forward to sharing that opportunity with other provinces in the future.”

The pilot program will be tested in Hamilton.

“We know that people are looking for ways to charge, so we’re excited to see how the public reacts to this,” Hamilton Mayor Mike Layton said.

“This pilot is an excellent example of how we can make our city a more attractive place for people who want to make EV charging a viable option.”

This is not the first time that EV charging has been seen in Canada.

In Ontario, charging stations were installed in May 2018 to help people who are not able to charge at home.

A pilot program was announced in March 2018, but was met with criticism from those who feared the cost would overwhelm the local EV charging system.

In April 2018, a similar pilot program in the Toronto region was also cancelled because of public opposition to the plans.

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