What to know about the DHS cybersecurity crisis and what to do about it

The White House has taken steps to try to stem the spread of cyberthreats, but there are still concerns about how effective the federal government’s response has been, and how far it will go to contain the spread.

In the aftermath of a deadly ransomware attack last year, the administration has taken unprecedented steps to make cybersecurity more transparent, and has also created a Cybersecurity Task Force, led by Vice President Mike Pence.

The task force will meet in September to make recommendations for cybersecurity, including a blueprint for addressing the growing threats.

But there are questions about how the new cybersecurity initiative will actually be implemented.

The administration says it wants to create a system that is easier to use, more streamlined, and more responsive to the private sector, but it has yet to identify a way to ensure that the government will be able to keep its cybersecurity systems in sync with private sector efforts.

Some cybersecurity experts worry that the new administration will have a hard time coordinating its efforts and that it will be less effective than in past administrations, especially in its initial response to cyberattacks.

The Trump administration has not yet said how it will manage this issue.

Some of the most important steps the government has taken to address cybersecurity have been the implementation of new cybersecurity rules, such as the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act, or CEA.

The CEA, signed into law in March, gives the Federal Government broad powers to fight cyberthreat.

Under CEA regulations, the government can use cyberweapons and other technologies to retaliate against a cyberattack.

The White House says the CEA is the “first major cybersecurity law of its kind in decades,” and it is the only law in the nation to require the use of cyberweapons in the U.S. military.

The bill has been praised by lawmakers, including Sens.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

In fact, many of the laws that Trump signed during his presidential campaign have come about as a result of cybersecurity legislation.

But as the new White House takes steps to protect its cybersecurity infrastructure, some are concerned that the administration is not as focused on the need to protect critical infrastructure, such for example, as power grids and airports.

“I would like to see a strong cybersecurity infrastructure program in the new administrations, and we need to see this infrastructure program continue,” said Scott W. Carter, chief cybersecurity officer at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“The new administration should have a strong infrastructure plan.”

But cybersecurity experts say that cybersecurity is still a work in progress and that some of the measures in the CDA are not sufficient.

“The cybersecurity bill, while good, does not go far enough to address the threat of cyber-attack.

We need a much stronger cybersecurity infrastructure and a much more robust national response, but we do not have the right law in place to accomplish that,” said Richard Smith, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for cybersecurity and the former head of the U:S.

Cyber Command.

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on cybersecurity soon.

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