What it took to make this electric car’s back-end infrastructure a reality

A prototype electric vehicle can now be made on a $2 billion grid in India, and a similar project in the US is also in the pipeline.

The breakthrough came when a group of electric vehicle enthusiasts and partners from across the world worked together to design a battery for the world’s first “high-voltage, high-capacity, high performance” battery pack.

The group’s battery, called “BHEL”, is a hybrid design that uses a lithium-ion battery with a special-purpose electrolyte that’s used to power the car.

It’s made up of two electrodes with a different chemical composition.

The first battery, which is made of an organic material, is capable of producing up to 4,000 amps.

The second battery is made from a solid carbon alloy with a high density and a smaller, lighter mass.

The batteries are separated using a “double bond” between the two.

The team’s research was funded by the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy.

The US is a major user of the battery technology, which also helps to drive the world-wide adoption of electric vehicles.

The company expects that by 2020, the BHEL battery will be a mainstay of electric cars in the country, as well as powering a number of other electrified vehicles.

It has a price tag of $2.3 billion.

The US is already using BHel batteries in its fleet, and there are plans to use it to power electric buses and light trucks.

In India, the company’s battery will likely be used in the first electric vehicle.

India is a key market for the electric vehicle, which accounts for more than 80% of all new vehicles sold in the world, and the government is trying to boost the country’s capacity for electric vehicles with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 40%.

The country currently has no electricity grid capable of delivering 4,100 kilowatt hours (kWh) of power to a typical home or business.BHEDA has also been working to upgrade the countrys power distribution system, a move that will help the company to provide electricity to a significant portion of the country.

BhEDA and other stakeholders from the US, Germany, India and South Korea have collaborated to design and build a prototype of BHEDE.

The team has made several improvements, including adding more storage space to the battery, including the ability to store the energy stored in the battery for longer periods.

It also plans to improve the power grid infrastructure to enable more rapid deployment of the BHE-2 battery.

The BHETC project, which has been underway since 2016, will involve several projects in India and is also expected to produce other benefits, including more affordable electricity.

The battery, it will be the first of its kind to be made in the global market.

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