Trump administration: ‘It’s not an attack on us’

Infrastructure is a key issue in the Trump administration’s “plan to make America great again”, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) said.

A draft proposal for the infrastructure plan that the President signed on Monday would “build on” a $3.6 trillion infrastructure investment plan.

“We’re looking forward to building on our investment plans to deliver more jobs and more economic prosperity for American families,” US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said in a statement.

DOT is a division of the Department of Commerce, which is tasked with funding and implementing US infrastructure projects.

It will also be tasked with reviewing and revising the federal government’s National Infrastructure Program, which sets priorities for the country’s infrastructure projects and is funded through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Under the National Infrastructure Plan, which the President announced in September, the federal funds will be used to build, rehabilitate, repair, or expand the countrys infrastructure.

The plan was released on the day the US House of Representatives approved a $1.1 trillion bill that includes $3 trillion for infrastructure, with a new $2 trillion funding for road, bridge, and transit infrastructure.

The plan will be voted on by the Senate on Thursday.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chiang also said in the statement that the “Department of Transportation is taking the lead in reviewing the National Highway System and its federal partners” to ensure they are fully prepared for a major infrastructure program.

FTA spokeswoman Erin Ritchie said the agency had not yet made any recommendations to DOT on the funding, but she noted that a final proposal would need to be approved by the agency.

Ritchie added that the FTA has been working closely with the Federal Highway Administration to address the challenges facing the National Highways System.

Ms Ritchie told ABC Radio that FTA would be involved in the review and would be working closely on the plan with DOT and other stakeholders.

“This is about the safety and the health of Americans and it’s about protecting the health and safety of our infrastructure,” she said.

The Trump administration has also committed to expanding the National Security Highway System, which currently spans nearly 4,000 miles and spans a variety of federal agencies, as well as the Highway Trust Fund, which supports highway and transportation infrastructure projects in a variety on government entities.

The White House released a statement on Monday that said the US would also expand the use of private companies to build the system and invest in infrastructure projects, including “the creation of new, higher quality and less expensive rail links and other rail infrastructure”.

“These investments will create jobs, spur economic activity and create new economic opportunities for Americans,” the statement said.


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