‘No-brainer’: Infrastructure Bill 2020 is the ‘No.1 priority’

Google has announced the government is “absolutely” on track to deliver its promised Infrastructure Bill to Parliament by the end of this year.

The government announced on Thursday it would be the first to deliver a bill by 2020, a date which was announced after a day of public consultation.

It will then move on to another two years of parliamentary scrutiny.

However, the bill will have to be signed off by the Cabinet Office before it can be introduced.

This means the first major infrastructure bill in the nation’s history will be delayed for several years.

The prime minister has previously said the government will not be “stacked up” with “stuffy, expensive and complex” projects which are not “essential” for the UK.

Mr Cameron’s decision to delay the Infrastructure Bill was also criticised by his own party, Labour, which said it had been a “no-brainer” to delay it, but the opposition party said it was “slightly disappointed” at his decision.

“It was a very deliberate decision to keep the Government’s promise, but in hindsight it would have been a lot easier to move forward with the infrastructure bill earlier in the year,” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said.

“The Prime Minister must now prove that he is committed to delivering the country’s most important infrastructure project by 2020.”

The bill will need to be passed by Parliament by May and is expected to be voted on later this month.

It will also have to pass a second, independent parliamentary review before it is passed to the President of the House of Commons, who will have the final say on whether it passes.

This would also be the third time the Government has delayed the bill, the first being a decade ago.

Earlier this year, Mr Cameron announced plans to delay legislation for more than a year in order to allow for the Government to deliver the National Infrastructure Plan, which will outline the UK’s plans to invest £6bn a year over five years to provide long-term solutions to address the UK economy’s long-running financial problems.

He said the delay was to allow time for a more thorough debate on the National Plan.

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