How to save billions of dollars by reducing carbon emissions in the 5G era

5G infrastructure is the most promising area of wireless connectivity to replace the legacy copper and fiber networks.

But, until recently, the cost of deploying the technology has been prohibitively high, with only a handful of projects currently under way.

Now, two companies are aiming to make the transition as cheap and efficient as possible.

The first, Connected, has just announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of New Zealand to provide a $5 billion, five-year financing package for the development and deployment of 5G services.

The company has been in talks with the Government since 2014, when it was granted $8.5 million from the $50 million Greenstart program, a $20 million investment fund for low-income families to pay for their broadband internet needs.

The government was looking to build out a new network of wireless hotspots for remote workers in remote areas, and Connected was one of the companies that was offered the funds.

Now, Connect, which was founded by former Telecom NZ executive Mike MacQuarrie and the former CEO of Broadband Optus, Peter O’Connor, is working on a plan to deliver 5G to remote workers within six years.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with the New Zealand Government to provide affordable 5G connectivity for remote communities,” said Connected co-founder, Andrew MacLean.

“This will enable the remote workforce to connect to their work and our network without having to move to another location.”

He said the plan would involve developing an infrastructure network to be built in remote communities, with fibre to the home (FTTH) and fixed wireless technology, so remote workers would be able to access their internet.

The first project to be completed will be in the Kaitaia region of New England, with the next two being set up in North Canterbury and the Mangere region of Western Victoria.

The next project to go ahead will be a 5G network in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa, which will be powered by the fibre to every home network technology (FTTN) technology.

The Government hopes that by building out this new network, Connect will also help to ease the transition to 5G.

“Connected is one of our best-placed partners to help reduce the cost and complexity of 5GP in remote parts of New York,” said New Zealand Communications Minister Michael Woodhouse.

“The new network will be designed to provide the same services as the existing copper network and will be the cheapest option available for remote New Zealanders.

We are delighted to have been able to work with Connect on this important initiative.”

The Government is hoping that Connect’s network will allow the remote workers to access the internet at home, where there is less infrastructure to build.

“By providing remote New Yorkers with high-speed broadband, the Government can continue to offer affordable services to New Zealand’s remote population,” Woodhouse said.

“5G will allow remote New Yorkans to connect with their work in a more efficient and efficient way, as well as giving them a platform to build their businesses and start their own businesses.”

The new funding will be used to build five hotspots in the Mangae and Mangeere areas of New Hampshire, where the Government is aiming to connect the rural communities with fibre broadband.

Connect will use the funds to provide wireless broadband to remote New England communities and to build four other projects in South Africa and New Zealand.

Connect is also looking to fund a 10G network.

This article first appeared on New Scientist.

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