How to prepare for the Trump Administration’s Infrastructure and Communications Policies

Posted by The Washington Post on October 22, 2018 07:14:38 The Trump Administration is preparing to make significant changes to the U.S. telecommunications system, including expanding fiber optic broadband to rural areas, a major development that will dramatically increase access to broadband.

The White House announced Tuesday that it will seek to expand the number of small and medium-sized U.s. providers of fiber-optic broadband to about 1 million, with additional incentives for states to extend such access to low-income communities.

The move, which will be one of several changes the administration will make to the nation’s telecommunications infrastructure, follows the death last year of the Obama administration’s proposal to expand fiber optic service to rural communities, which was designed to boost competition and spur investment in the nation�s telecommunications infrastructure.

The administration is also pushing to open up some high-speed Internet access to a broader range of Americans, including for high school students and other Americans who are less likely to have access to affordable Internet services.

Under the proposal, the administration would create a $25 billion competition fund for low-cost Internet service to encourage providers to provide Internet service for low and moderate-income Americans, as well as to encourage states to open more high-bandwidth broadband networks for residents.

The proposal also calls for expanding the number and type of low-priced Internet service offered in low- and moderate income communities, including offering low-price wireless broadband and wireless voice services.

The plan is part of an administration effort to expand broadband access to underserved communities and to create a competitive telecommunications market, which is expected to generate millions of new jobs and economic growth.

The Trump administration is expected later this year to propose legislation that would expand the definition of broadband and expand the use of fixed-line Internet connections in low and medium income communities.

In addition, the White House has proposed expanding a small business broadband program that would provide Internet access and wireless Internet service at lower rates to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The government is also working to expand access to wireless broadband in rural communities to address barriers to broadband penetration.

The announcement comes as Congress and President Donald Trump prepare to release their budget blueprint, which they plan to release as early as next week.

The plan is expected in coming weeks, and will likely include major new investments in the infrastructure and communications sectors.

The new proposals come on top of the administration�s other recent announcements, including a $30 billion investment to build the Keystone XL pipeline, and a $200 million initiative to develop a $10 billion high-tech broadband network for small businesses in rural areas.

President Trump will also address the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index, which ranks the performance of businesses and consumers in each of the three industries that make up the U-S-A trade market.

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