How to invest in infrastructure: How to buy shares of Infrastructure Security and Meridiam

The company that owns Meridam, the leading provider of infrastructure security products and services to governments and private enterprises, is facing intense scrutiny after a series of recent leaks revealed internal documents outlining the company’s strategies to profit from a rapidly evolving infrastructure security market.

The documents, published by Wikileaks, revealed the company has a “zero tolerance policy” towards insider trading and warned against taking advantage of the threat of insider-trading.

The whistleblowing website revealed that the whistleblowing group, which calls itself Wikileaks, had accessed documents from Meridim, the company behind the Meridama products and service, that revealed internal strategy documents and suggested the company had been operating under “secretive and illegal practices” since the company was formed in 2014.

The leaks revealed that Meridom had been planning for a transition to the cloud, but that the company did not have a clear timeline for the transition.

Wikileaks claimed the documents were “direct evidence” that the firm was “selling off its assets and investments” and had “been in the process of selling off assets for several years” without a clear timetable.

In an interview with The Australian Financial Review, Meridami said the company would “continue to make investments in the public sector, with a focus on infrastructure and telecommunications infrastructure”.

“We are also looking at other areas of infrastructure and we are actively looking to increase our footprint in the global IT sector,” the company said in a statement.

“We will continue to provide a robust, secure and resilient solution to our customers and partners, and continue to invest into the public and private sectors.”

Meridam was formed by former executives of Meridams infrastructure security business, a division that specializes in cloud-based security solutions for governments, private companies and corporations.

The company’s corporate governance documents reveal it had been “actively working with government and other organisations in an effort to enhance their capability to use and protect their infrastructure”.

The documents also showed the company considered outsourcing its cloud-related work to a private firm, though the company confirmed this was not an option.

In response to Wikileaks revelations, the Australian Federal Police launched an investigation into Meridame’s management and operations and asked for any information that might shed light on the company and its employees’ dealings.

Wikileaks has not commented on the investigation.

Earlier this month, Wikileaks published a trove of internal documents that showed that Mericam had been negotiating with private equity firm Blackstone Group to purchase the entire Meridamed business.

The Australian Financial Press has contacted Meridamus for comment.

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