How to cut your carbon footprint with the Fiera infrastructure services package

Ireland is the first country in Europe to offer a carbon footprint reduction package to its residents.

Fiera Infrastructure Services will give residents up to £1,000 worth of free energy-saving equipment in their homes, with a limit of 50 units per household.

The package includes electricity meters, a heat pump, a fridge, and a water filter.

The service is offered by Fiera, which is based in Limerick and is owned by Ireland’s biggest construction company.

In addition to providing energy-efficient appliances and cooling systems, Fiera has a range of carbon-neutral services, including cleaning, heating, and gardening.

Fiera says it offers energy-efficiency services to its customers “in a number of different ways” and that these include providing them with free energy storage devices, free insulation, and free air conditioning.

It is also a customer of Energy Recovery Ireland, which has been offering carbon neutrality services to households since 2010.

Fyre said it was one of the first providers of the carbon neutral services in Ireland, and that its customers have been very satisfied with its service.

“We have been extremely pleased with the quality of our service, which we believe has been highly successful and has helped reduce our carbon footprint in the first year of our partnership,” said Fyre CEO David Liddell.

The company said its carbon-negative service is being rolled out to residential customers in a phased rollout.

Fyre said the carbon-zero service was only available to residential premises for two years, after which time it would be available to all other customers.

In the short term, the carbon zero service is available to customers of Fyre’s energy recovery and gardening service, while a new service will be launched in the second half of the year.

Fears that Ireland will not be able to cut its carbon footprint are growing.

In March, a study by the Irish Government’s Climate Change Advisory Committee found that Ireland’s CO2 emissions were still more than double that of the UK.

“If the Government’s projections are correct, by 2040 Ireland’s emissions will have increased by more than half and its CO2 intensity will have doubled,” said the report.

“This means that Ireland is not meeting its targets to reduce CO2.”

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